For Business Owners

We understand that great businesses thrive because of hard work and commitment. Our day-to-day involvement demonstrates our commitment and dedication to your company’s continued success. Our unique approach aligns the goals of all parties and ensures a smooth transaction and transition.

Specifically, owners can expect the following benefits working with North Brookside:

Seller Flexibility

We will meet the personal objectives of the owner. This provides the owner the ability to walk away from the business or to stay involved in a reduced capacity.    

Business Continuity

North Brookside intends to carry on the legacy and culture of the company. We are a team of entrepreneurs looking to grow the company through operational excellence, rather than through financial engineering. 

Efficient, Thoughtful Transaction

North Brookside is committed to an efficient transaction and will work closely with the owner to structure the transaction to best meet their financial and personal objectives. We will minimize distraction and maximize the chance of successfully completing a deal.

How is North Brookside Capital different?

North Brookside Capital’s values and investment and operating philosophy differentiate us from purely financial, strategic or lifestyle buyers. As a team of entrepreneurs, we strive to distinguish ourselves along several key attributes that are important to the seller.

Traditional Private Equity

Strategic Buyer

Individual Investor


Achieve long-term sustainable growth

Maximize returns through financial engineering

Cost cutting & synergies through integration

Lifestyle investor

 Time Horizon


Typically 3-5 years, depending on the life of the fund

Uncertain and the uniqueness of the acquired company is gone


 Level of Commitment

North Brookside will dedicate all resources and time toward the continued success and growth of your company

Part of a portfolio of investments with primary involvement at the board level

One of many business units or divisions


Deal Terms

Flexible structure that best meets the financial and personal needs of the seller and support growth and continuity

Laden with debt and driven by institutional investors and lenders

Structured to benefit the purchasing company

Terms driven by lenders and may require long transition period